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We started out in May of 1996 as a means for Rex (my son) to earn money during the summer while attending Sacramento State.

Rex had been working as a computer tech at a small computer shop in Concord while attending DVC. Rex and I have been updating and using computers since 1985, just after the PC came out.

When Rex went back to school after the summer of 96, I decided to keep the ad in the paper and continue the computer work part time, as we had built up a small base of customers. As the business continued to grow, it became clear that I needed to work less at my real job and devote more time to the computer business.

When Rex graduated with an electronics engineering degree in 2000, he went to work for Hewlett Packard in Roseville, where he still is.

Somewhere along the line, Bonnie (my daughter) joined me in doing computer work, as she has a BS in computer science. Unfortunately, I could not keep her busy enough, so she now works full time elsewhere.

In 2008, I hired Tom Scarberry to help out with the Windows Server and commercial side of the business, along with the homeowners. In 2017 Tom retired and moved to Las Vegas.

Donald Schrader
I have been working on computers since 1985, when I took over Schrader Iron Works, Inc. (the family structural steel business in SF), in order to move from double entry bookkeeping to computer based accounting. Soon after closing our doors in 1993, after 101 years, I went to work for one of our competitors, while maintaining a strong interest in computers.

At the end of 1998, I left this "real job" and started doing computer work full time, which I am still doing, and loving almost every minute of it.

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